Call For Speakers

The Iowa Technology Summit is designed by and for Technology Association of Iowa members.  We want you to be the drivers of innovation in Iowa technology by sharing your accomplishments, as well as your struggles, with your peers.  By learning from one another we will grow Iowa’s technology industry and community together.

Have you applied a technology tool in a new and creative way to solve a common problem?  Do you thrive in helping others solve challenges through technology? Are you excited to share your story with an audience of your peers from across the state of Iowa?

If you have deep knowledge within your area of expertise, and a passion for sharing case studies, real-world examples, best practices, and how-to’s then we want to hear from you! Presenting elevates your thought leadership and credibility while expanding your network.

Sessions will be broken out into four key tracks:

  • Cyber Security
  • Leadership
  • Cloud Technology
  • Technology Innovation

Selection Criteria

Content is selected by a committee comprised of technology professionals from multiple industries across the state of Iowa. Our panel wants to see and learn how you are doing the following:


Creating a competitive advantage using technology.


Using proven strategies and the best technologies to tackle your biggest challenges.


Utilizing new and emerging technologies to solve common business problems.


Using creative techniques to lead and inspire teams.

Deadline to submit is May 18, 2018 at 11:59 pm CST.

Have questions? Check the FAQ section below.






Q: What does the planning committee look for when reviewing applications?
A: The committee is primarily looking for a for a well thought out and comprehensive application that will provide an educational opportunity for the audience, and is NOT a sales pitch.

Additional Recommendations:

  • The presentation should be based on experiences that demonstrate strong leadership in solving today’s complex technology challenges

  • The presentation should offer practical information that the conference attendee can take back and apply to their organization

  • If the presentation is conceptual, it should use real-world examples showcasing possible applications

  • The content delivered should be specific, in-depth and appropriate for experienced technical professionals or executives

Q: How much time will I have for my presentation?
A: Breakout and panel presentations will be given 50 minutes each.

Q: When and how will I know if I’m selected to speak?
A: All speaker applicants will be notified of their selection status (accepted or declined) via email mid-June

Q: If I’m selected, when are my presentation materials due?
A: The deadline to submit final presentation materials is September 12, 2018. This lead-time ensures your session content is prepared and allows ample time to prepare for your onsite delivery.  

Q: What is the typical makeup of the audience
A: Audiences for breakout and panel sessions are typically made up of 40 - 70 technology professionals and leaders.

Q: Will there be media in attendance at my session?
A: Possibly.  The Iowa Technology Summit typically does attract journalists, who may attend your session, and could reference your presentation in their report.

Q: Will I have access to AV when I present?
A: Yes, a screen, projector, and basic audio will be available for all presenters.  However, slide decks are not required.


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2. What are the key points and actionable items the audience should walk away with?
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Please provide a clear and concise description of your background and current role in the technology industry. This will be considered in the selection process.